Bomas of Kenya

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To dance is to please the Gods.

To pound the drums is to open the heavens.

To dance and drum is to set the world spinning and tickle your heart and soul.

Yesterday, we went to Bomas of Kenya and thoroughly enjoyed the performances that depicted the different dances and music of the various nation groups that comprised Kenya.


(Although, and unfortunately, tribe is the term commonly used when referring to the people of Africa, it is in its inception derogatory and racist even though many Africans and even Native American groups, erroneously now use that term themselves, but which European applied to them under the colonial agenda.)

Kenya is comprised of many different groups that have their own specific music and dances. The rich variety of dance movements and the splendid music were both entertaining and educational. The performers engaged the audience, and for many of the dances selected audience members to join them on stage. Colorful costumes, and jewelry adorned performers. Some of the dances were performed by men alone, or women alone, but many of the dances engaged both genders.

Our Kenyan driver said one has to dance in order to find a wife, so the man who cannot dance will have a hard time. I have always loved men who not only love to dance, but who command the dance floor.

I was especially thrilled by the last act, a group of six men, acrobatic, fire-eaters, limbo experts; they had high energy, masterful performance that was awesome. They were amazing and very engaging.

Then to end the almost 2-hour performance and step out side and see a group of baboons crossing the lawn, frolicking; warthogs nudging each other, and other animals totally at home and up close, gave meaning to one with nature.


This is Kenya, green and rich with wild life. Also, its people are so kind and welcoming in –very satisfying, very comforting.

To dance is to allow your spirit to catch the impossible.

The be engaged is to allow the gods to pull you in the circle of life.

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