The Rift Valley

DSC00916I wanted to see The Great Rift Valley, which I had hoped, despite the winter and the heavy blanket of fog that draped the environment as we departed Nairobi, would be visible.

As we drove further I was doubtful, but slowly the fog drifted, and we were there, seeing behind and below the fog. All along the way the people were draped in the colorful, now factory manufactured Massi blanket to keep warn. Inside the car, we had on socks and sweater, and I had a scarf wound around my neck.

The Rift Valley runs through Kenya from north to south, and is part of inter-continental ridge system. Famous for the Cherangani Hills and a chain, of still active volcanoes, it is a must see sight.

We stopped and I held my breath. The escarpment was slightly visible, but the ground was too wet with dew and fog still hovered, however slightly to really see, plus we were too high up.

From there we drove to Lake Naivasha and went for a one-hour boat ride, where we paused and watched families of hippo raise their heads, a splendid array of birds, and the beauty and tranquility of this historic site. Also, visited the island on which Out of Africa was filmed.

Before returning to Nairobi, we stopped in a little town and a very delicious and satisfying Kenyan lunch…great array of vegetables and a fish stew.

DSC00926 DSC00941 DSC00967 DSC00999

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