Trees, My Ancestors/Sentinels

DSC00783This morning, as I sit on the patio of my host in Nairobi, I am semi-sheltered by majestic trees, directly in front of me and to my left. I feel so at home, so loved, so familiar.

No matter where I go, a tree is always close by, providing comfort and connection to the universe. I love trees and need to be in their midst.

DSC00789When I pause and reflect on all the great and ancient trees, all the trees whose branches provide shelter in the form of homes, furniture, firewood, and what our lives would be like without them, I am rendered silent, grateful.

DSC00784In spiritual language, a totem is a sort of a charm –its power to protect or affect any impact is really based on belief. I regard trees as my ancestors/guards that are always

present to shelter and soothe me from any or all of life’s challenges.

DSC00786More importantly, trees steady me, remind me that I am on solid ground regardless of where I am, even in a foreign land, where I neither speak the language, nor know the intricacies of the culture. Yet I belong.

I belong. I have roots. I am sheltered. I will not be moved from doing what is my divine plan.

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