The Options of a Tree

DSC02292If a tree were given the choice to be whatever it could be

would it choose treedom or would it choose to be a wealth man who travels the world first class and regails everyone with his tales

Maybe the tree would choose to be a bird

that makes its way south during the winter

flapping its wings against the cold wind

its eyes seeking a resting place

upon which to land

DSC02288Perhaps the tree would decide

on something more practical and less visible

maybe it would opt to be a speck of dirt

ignored and trampled on

I wonder if it would choose

to be  a Black Woman

whose place in the world

is at best dubious

but who is also

enormously creative and adventerous

if I could choose to be whateverDSC02291

would I choose the self that I know

or would I think it more advantegeous

to be transformed into another



Possibilities exist

but I like the me that I am

so I would come back as myself

with a luxury cruise ship of wealth

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