The Nairobi National Museum

DSC05468 DSC05515Yesterday I went to the Nairobi National Museum, and it was jam packed with school children, K-12, and they were loud with excitement, but polite and their faces were clean with hope and promise, clad in bright uniforms in various colors of purple, red, yellow, green, blue and white; it was a joy to squeeze between and among them, and to see Africa’s future.


It is an extensive museum, with a snake park, a gallery of modern local art, and it takes about 3 hours if you want to get all the information it contains.  A very large section of the animal life, the history, culture and music.  A must visit whenever you are in Nairobi.


From there went to the Village Mall, behind which is the Massi Market, with its incredible array of art in so many forms, so much talent, so much desire, so much restraint, so much questions about who owns what and whom, and who can afford what, and why are these people so evidently prolific, creative and master crafts persons and artists, with so little material means, and many lack basic, domestic necessities that I and so many others take for granted. DSC05518DSC05524

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