Soil for Your Roots

DSC02587We are the very essence of nature

and just like a tree we have roots

that allow us to grow and flourish

in those things we select to pursue.

If, however, you are feeling stagnant — as if things are just

not working out for you, then it’s time to stop and check the soil

–your thoughts;

the people you surround yourself with.

your daily habits…

How healthy is that soil?

Certain trees, like mango for instance, need acidic soil with good drainage or it will rot.

What type of soil do you need to flourish and ripen as sweetly and abundantly as a good mango tree?

Chance are, if you are not blooming prolifically, yearly, you are in the wrong soil.

Now you know so don’t bemoan the fact.

You need to change your soil.  Make sure you have proper drainage and adequate sun — if you are a mango tree.

First, find out what kind of tree you are, and the soil and condition that are best suited for your growth.

It all begins with self-knowledge and awareness, then willingness to do what is necessary to optimize the conditions for your maturation.

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