Moment of Realization

Although you cannot see it now

there will come that moment

when all the outside noise

DSC05516will decrease then dissolve

and all you will hear

is yourself

not the self

you have been telling yourself

you should be

or the self

you’ve been comparing to others

just you and you alone

DSC05501naked and vulnerable

naked and beautiful

and you will no longer

talk to impress

as silence is really more


you won’t carry the weight

of the applause and recognition

that you thought you deserved

and should have received

you will be content

proud of all you have


honored that life

has gifted you

these experiences

and you will smile at

those still pandering for the light

still spouting what they know

but haven’t truly studied

and you will not contradict

or try to insert yourself

you will just know

who you are

and love yourself

for being you

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