Sharing Your Gift

Although it is a cliche, it is also a fundamental true:

We all have a talent to share.DSC03730

What do you enjoy?

What makes your heart soar?

What puts a smile on your face?
When do you feel your best, your strongest, most at ease.

For me that remains the classroom — it has always been my stage — and sharing my work with others.

Yesterday one of my students gave me the greatest gift: She said I was such an inspiration and that I should go around and motivate young people, college students, about life and the world.

I love my life.  Each day gets better and better.

While there are many things that I still want to accomplish and seek the resources that would support this, I continue optimistically, daily.

Each day, I love the life I live.

I love where ever I am.

I love the people I encounter.

I am thankful that I am in such a great place in life.

I love the trees and flowers and birds and the natural environment that surrounds me.

I see all the minute beauty.

Yes, I am a motivator and I will continue to inspire!

2 thoughts on “Sharing Your Gift”

  1. Your work has always touched many people in the many places that you have visited.You are such an inspiration to many.The memories of the kistretch poetry in Kenya are fresh in my mind as if it was yesterday.I remember the experience you shared with us together with prof.Patricia,Prof.obediah Michael,Godspower,Dr.mecha and other great scholars during the presentations.Those are among the best moments that i cherished while in campus and i store them in the room in my heart.Thanks for having a beautiful heart and may the universe shower you with its blessings.


    1. So glad you benefited from the poetry festival
      It is an important project that your professor has started.
      Continue to support him and continue to hone your writing so that it continues and develops more
      Blessings to you


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