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Mr. Peacock

To us he might

appear showy

a bit extravagant

with his long train

some say

to attract females

others say

to show his powers


but he is indifferent

to our gawking

as he struts up and down

estate st john road

the resident bird

who has to pick

for his food just like

the other birds

does he realize

he’s a long way from home

whether from india

or the congo basin

he is but a peafowl

who fans wide his tail

when he goes courting

hoping his iridescent feathers

will dazzle the peahen

and he will get to bed her

and they will make peachicks


Plastic Trash

bottle sculpturewe have been

collecting trash

on our daily walks

on the beach now

for three years

we pick up

other’s people

careless rubbish

beer bottles

discarded fast food wrappings

sodas can and plastic juice pouches

diapers and condoms

and volumes of plastic bottles

I would ban

if i were governor

always we think of creative ways

to reuse this indiscriminate

pollution of our environment

large pastic sculptures

erected to beautify

until them

we ask

pick it up and tek it

even if you didn’t drop it

The Marriage

They’ve lived side by side

for many years

ignoring one another

preoccupied with

their own growth

their own splendor

Then they bothnoticed

the other

no major attraction

or desire

but over time

attitudes change

and feelings shift

the story takes on multiple twists

about who noticed whom


who made the first advance

who wanted more that

just a tryst


Now they are so entwined

arms enveloping a

breath breathing into breaths

faces pressed cheek to cheek

bodies molded

to separate them

would surely lead

to death

they have grown as one

flowering and complementing

each other’s beauty

the pink-lavender petals

of the cedar and the

bodacious red of the bougainvillea

a marriage that reminds

us all that hope reigns supreme


Branch into the Past

The branch by the side of the road, rises up like a venerated iguana charred in a bushfire.

My mind leaps backwards in time. Was that I sitting on the dinosaur’s back, galloping through the fields, wielding a weapon and calling my soldiers to battle?

Having walked by the piece of branch, I glance over my shoulder checking to see if I am the last one standing in the middle of the field.

Alas, only the bushes sigh, and a horse tied about 50 yards away neighs and swings its tail.

Thankful that there are no battlefields, I pump my arms and continue my morning walks.

No other phantoms trail my mind. Just the glorious sun, the riots colors of the bougainvilleas, and the day as bold and assured as a young man going to court the woman of her desire.

Sea Woman

This morning on my walk

the sea was thrashing

waves tumbling into waves

-a two year old child

on the floor

feet and arms flailing

tears and snot staining his face—

she was going on bad

like she in carnival

drinking and whining up de place

vomiting sea grass that she spewed

on the shore creating an avenue

of sargasso forcing sand to retreat

more ashore – a dog whipped and curled

in a corner-

me decide wasn’t going to pay she no mind

let she rush me feet and spray me legs

no sea bath this morning and getting entangled

in she bile

me hearing old people’s warning in me head

heed de sea

she is a generous woman

but when she vex stay clear

she will nyam yuh and not leave a trace

Stepping into Glory

I step into the glory

that is this day

sending my breath into the air

feeling the breeze breathing me

the flapping of the birds’ wings

as they flit from almond to ackee tree

the purple budding of the bell-apple

the wet fragrance of dew

this morning

clean and expectant as new life

as guileless as leaves

as proud as soil

as welcoming as an idea

not yet formed

now is indeed the time

to cast your net of expectation

now is indeed the time

to laugh and enjoy all your blessings

now is indeed the time

to bask in what is

knowing there is even more

and better around the bend

A New Green Dress

the almond tree that houses

my meditation tea house

has decided that she wants

a new green dress

and I’m okay with that

as a woman

i understand the desire

to change things up

flaunt what’s left of

your beauty

see if heads still turn

when you walk down the street

but this woman is messy

instead of just giving away or

tossing the old dress

she has been for the past week

cutting it up into small pieces

as if to say I am done with you

but since you did look good on

me once

me go tek me time

and peel you away

–red firy leaf after leaf

strewn all over the floor

and ground–

so you remember me

daily as I sweep

these bits of her former self

i nod in salutation

and  me tell her

girl me see yuh

and me overstand

how as women age

we have fi go on bad

to get just a little


but she nah listen to me

so me sweep

so she toss

another bit of her old dress

No Complaining


it should be a law

then complainers

would have to find


or shut up

it emanates

from self dissatisfaction

that has to be passed on

refusal to look

at self agency

and a willingness

to stay stuck


the same story

get told over

and over

at the same registry


find what is good in your life

seek out and report

on the beauty in the world

smile more

develop an appreciation of others

change what you don’t like

just leave your stories

at the door

Our Walk

Tuesdays we walk Manchineel beach

most call is Hay Penny

the vernacular for Half Penny

but these tempting looking apples

that line the beach are poisonous

I alternate between walking and jogging

jumping over waves racing beyond the shore line

At the end of the beach where rocks

form a barrier I perch on a pillar

allowing my mind to wander as is often

my eyes search the landscape

taking in the ridges of the hills

the greens and blues and straw colored too

Brian meets we half way

after treading in the bush

he has husked 2 coconuts

the water sweet but little

I spoon out the firm meat and chew slowly

my breakfast

On our return walk

we pick up plastic bottles

cans     paper    trash     others

careless leave behind

unmindful that paradise needs help

to maintain her beauty

I stop to photograph the nesting bed

of a leatherback sea turtle

now is there hatching season

a gentle wind fans my face

the sun polishes my back

arriving at our favorite spot

I diving into the temperate ocean

grass snags my feet

waves tickle my nostrils

my gratitude is boundless

Simple Things 3

meditating in the tea house

built in the almond tree

my eyes turn to the bananaquit

as it lands in the fur of cotton

trapped in the lemon tree

then flits to the top of the almond trees

lost among the thick pear-shaped leaves

not even its brilliant yellow-breasted

stomach can i see

but no time to ponder

its actions

lucia feeding the dogs below

attract my attention

as he bangs on the branch of the tree

to get powder’s attention

who raises its hind legs

to the branch and dances

all the while my chime

continues its ceaseless


tinkle   tinkle    tinkle

like a dervish dancer

caught in the frenzy of his own