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Delete that Memory

DSC05749We all have stories that we tell.

Some folks focus only on the negative

and like a wind-up doll

they keep telling the same sad tale

to whomever will listen.

I’m not sure why

some folks only dwell on the negative,

what’s not right

what someone did them


I have no patience for those stories


they don’t help the victim

nor the listener to move forward.

Often, the person telling the story

will insist it’s the absolute truth

but every story has many sides.

You might select to only see/hear

the version that makes you comfortable.

Well I’m inviting you

to stop telling sad, victimhood stories

about your life.

Find the good , the light, the joy.

Make yourself a hero

–find the myriad shades

of blue — all the nuianceDSC05464

evident in the ocean and other

things in nature– and speak

those realities too and you might

just find your way to more light.


I laugh now as I reflect on a past situation when I thought I was being prosecuted and lamented, Why Me?”

I’m the only one who has ever felt this way, right.  I know.  I get it.

“Why Me?  I’m a good Person…” I will spare you the rest because obviously, you have heard the woe-is-me cry from someone, and though you sympathized, you know they are asking the wrong questions, and focusing on victimhood is not going to pull them out of the pit.

Why not me is the right question.  I will get out of this, is the correct position and only position of survival.  Okay this is a hard lesson and I intend to learn it. I guess there is more growing left in me.

There are of course other situations, when Why is necessary, and the response could be illuminating.

Why are you being mean me to?

Why am I so so afraid?

Why am I willing to continue to work for someone I do not respect?

Why don’t I get what I want?

Why am I not doing what I say I love?

And myriad other whys.

Here is an insight I would like to share with you.  “Why” is always a time to pause, to reflect, to be introspective, to go within. to research, to change directions.

Why means you are at the crossroad and there are at least four directions that you can choose from.  Why?

It’s just your time.

Why? Because you are not a victim.

Why, well I don’t know, let me get back to you.

Why…well you are in a state of arriving.

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Because is not a reason right, but sometimes, even you are stumped so you say because.

But sometimes, Because is the perfect explanation because that’s what it is because.

You cannot articulate into words, but something in your gut tells you take this road, or sometimes it is just too painful to figure out what to say, or you are tried and weary, especially when your children come at you with their many demands, and their intention is to wear you down. So as a last resort, out of frustration, you say Because.  End of Discussion.

Now, Parenting Advisors, more likely, will say this is not good parenting practice, but what do they know when you have a very persistent child or more coming at you, and you have just done a full day at work, then cooking and cleaning, and something, somewhere in your being is needling you, saying no, no…Don’t let her go. So you shout, BECAUSE I SAY SO, and No More discussion. Go to Your Room!

Your child is mad and you are frustrated and feel badly, but know Because was the right response. I mean, what to do?  Right.  Because you have to trust your instincts.

Because response is sometimes the only response you have for your mate/significant other/domestic partner/whomever.  You love the person right.  Most times you have a good time and you get into a routine and do the same things every Sunday, and most Sundays you look forward to it.  But this particular Sunday you want to stay in bed, alone, and read, and not hear the TV or another person breathe.  But you mate asks, “when are we leaving?” and you act as if you don’t hear.  And mate asks again, and you say, “I don’t feel up to it.”  And they try to guilt you by saying “Going alone is no fun without you,” and you don’t respond, and they probe, “But why don’t you want to go.” And all you want is that this person you love just shut up and leave you alone, because you are the sort of person who regularly needs some alone time to think or just be, so you snap, BECAUSE.

Instantly, your partner thinks you don’t love him/her or you are having an affair or drifting apart. What the hell! Because!  All you want is some alone time BECAUSE that is what your being calls for and you really don’t care if they don’t like going out alone BECAUSE you really don’t want them in the house with you watching TV or making any sort of noise BECAUSE you want this time for yourself.  Just Because.

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Not Knowing

Many people think it is a bad thing to get lost.

Several people are embarrassed and therefore refuse to ask directions.

But getting lost should be a desired goal ever so often.

When you get lost you are forced to think outside the box.

Often you discover places and meet people you would have never met otherwise.

Getting lost can be serendipitous — in that you discover just what has been at the back of your mind.

Do not take the sure and proven path all the time.

Commit to getting lost regularly so you can exercise what you don’t know.

It is comfortable, and even arrogant for us to bask in what we know.  But awareness does not allow us to grow.

You can only grown when you don’t know, when you have to figure something else out.

Live for not knowing, and Discover what you get to know.

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Enter Your Cacoon

perhaps today

is the day you feel

out of sorts

DSC05057there is a glow

but there is darkness too


you want to stay in bed

with the covers over you head

you should curl up and read

have someone bring you tea

tell the mosquitoes

to leave you alone

fling caution to the wind

but be cautious

especially with your words

today is not a day

you can be your usual chirpy self

you don’t want to help fix

anyone today

today you need fixing

you need someone

to be there for you

to say

here i am

i’m your super hero

i will make it all happen

for you

i believe in your dreams

i am your patron

your personal cheering club

you godmother with a magic wand

and everything you want happens


not tomorrow

or in the some vague

distant future

today you don’t feel


or positive

or even about changing your mind

today you are in the dumps

and want to stay there

no pep talk

no new age guru

just you and the dumps

feeling like these stonesDSC05059

chipped and hard on soft soles

you believe no one gets you

no one understands how much

you want or why you want so much

or how tired you are of always trying

today you want to be left alone

to stay in bed

find a dark corner

where you can hide

no light

no noise

no thank you

no thank you

today it’s okay

to be out of sorts

a little needy


today the blue sky

does not make you happy

you are hiding

in the bush


Practice Seeing/Being


This morning on my daily walk, I decided to take a different path, to push myself a little harder, to see beyond the obvious, to discover what was above the knoll, to go where I have always been planning to go but had not.

I made an agreement with myself to practice seeing all the miniscule things in the environment around me and being present in the moment, free of expectation or worries.


What a delight and sense of accomplishment when I made it with such ease to the top and witnessed the world before and below me…The sea spread like a banquet, a boulder island within the reef, rocks jutting up like seals, the sea on her horse leaping over them, swirling in a flirtatious tease.


Every vantage point offered its own reward.

Five months of walking in this area, but never venturing to the ridge, until this morning.

Then ambling through grass waist deep, crisscrossing to avoid thorns, for a moment, wondering if this is an area populated by snakes, but remembering the mongooses must have gotten then all, and now have switched their palates to iguanas, but not me –a person.

Always present death and life — where do they not intersect?

But most present to how satisfying it is to be able to walk, unencumbered, alone, with the sea to one side,  the sun over head and the feel of  sweat gloving my body…




You Are There


All too often our focus is on some nebulous future

we make plans for when we arrive

–meaning have all the money we need

or retire and therefore has leisure to travel and do what we want

or when meet the perfect person…

So much of our life is about when we arrive

when our ships come in

when we win the lottery

when we land the perfect job

or meet that person (fairy god mother)

who with a flick of the wand transforms our lives

from the mundane to some pumpkin

carriage with mice footmen

But there is no better future than now

now and now and now again

all the life you need and want to live

is now

all the joy and perfect job or time

or mate is now with whomever

you find yourself with now you just have

to open your eyes and see and appreciate

what’s in front of you or get going about

changing it now because really there is only now

yes more than likely most of us will wake up tomorrow

and have another day but you will have missed this day

missed the joy you could have had

missed the love you could have had

missed the perfect work experience

if you just shift your focus slightly and accept

where you are now and say this is a great good day

This now attitude does not prevent you from seeking more

but until the more you want show up

don’t miss out on the more you have

it is really better than you think

you just have to see/accept and be thankful

then the more you want will be ever present

in the daily life you liveDSC05347