Alphabet of Abundance for 2015 continues with V

To be vaginal is to be way in deep, sheathed in pleasure, and of course surprised moisture where ideas are incubated. One must be virtuous, not to be confused with prudish or lacking adventure. You must visualize each day, and in particular, those plans you expect to realize. This practice is vital to the outcome, as well as you vocalizing your ambition to those who will bless and help you to forward your goals. You and your ideas are valuable, so be a visionary, but they will not grow and bloom until you validate them each and every day. Vanquish your fear; go forth and meet the dawn even though you feel vulnerable. Remember you are volant and life is but a voyage for which you signed up. Therefore, be voluptuous with your ideas, vivify them. You are valorous, so vow to explore a variety of options, and in the process be a vivid example and venerate your elders. This way valentine will be your daily grace.

Alphabet of Abundance for 2015 continues with U

Being useful is a path of blessing for yourselves as well as the world by contributing what you can, in whatever way you can. Our job is to uplift one another through knowing and accepting that we are each a blessings. As you move ungrudgingly throughout the day, regardless of what comes at you, you will find you clear a space for tranquility to take up space in your heart, and in return you help to create a calm and uplifting atmosphere. Soon your unique disposition will unify your surroundings resulting in unity. You disempower yourself when you wait for others to be the change or when you erroneously think nothing you do has power. Everything you do impacts the universe, and when you operate on this belief you are unstoppable. So utter your truth and be unswerving in your stance and you will be unsurpassable. Do not worry if others say you are unusual, that is really your natural right, so urge those around you to accept their individuality and start a self-recognition uprising. Be univocal, and be the light you were born to be, unfading, ubiquitous.

The Sun Inspires

Every morning the sun dashes gallants through my dining-room window, arms, spread wide, a glowing smile on his face and says here I am take me.

He is irresistible handsome, sizzling hot. So dazzling is he, I am forced to squint, but I refuse to turn away, cannot turn away for his alluring yellow face, his crowing aura, his energy.

The sun’s vigor feeds me, and like the plants and trees, I thrive best when I am under his gaze.

I was seeded in a warm place and took my first breath in the cooling warmth when one day was done and another was getting ready to be born.

Call me a sun child

call me warmth

call me vibrant

dress me in oranges and yellows

fill my mind and body

with oomph

let my words

ignite our pettiness

stir old grudges

kindle bickering

destroy hatred

transform us

into sparkles

of lights

were growth


Alphabet of Abundance for 2015 continues with T

Tranquility is the key to success. When you are able to let it all go and be present to yourself and others, then and only then will you achieve your greatest yet to be. Talent is not to be wasted. It must be valued and honed daily, by taking tangible steps to discover the full range of your potential. While tradition forms the base from which we can survey and evaluate our life and the trail we must take, this can only occur if we think about our desires, if we are thankful for all we have, great or small, if we seek always to thrive and rise above the mundane, if we are tolerant and allow temperance to guide us. In order to reach a level of excellence, we must be tenacious, but this should not mean we forget to be tender or shy away from the importance of touch, which is essential, and the most sacred form of intimacy. In order to transform any situation, our actions should serve as a testament for others to triumph. Acknowledge that you are terrific, as is everyone else around you, even if they don’t know or act like they are. In our daily travels we can transmute all negativity by tickling the hearts of others, and by using our mistakes and false actions as lesson in triumphant re-visioning.

Go Out on Your Own – Take the Step

This morning, I declared aloud to myself and the birds and lizards who were near by that I absolutely do not want to work for anyone any more, ever, and truly, I don’t understand why I have taken so long to arrive at this realization.


I have been afraid. There. I have said it. Working for someone else meant there were many things I didn’t have to worry about, but it also meant there were many things I wanted to make happen and could not within the confines of someone else’s agenda. I have always known this, but kept trying, working hard and negotiating. Once I decided I had a bottom line, that this was absolutely what I would accept, and nothing less, the fear fell away. Truthfully, the fear remained, but I ignored it. I am worthy and my projects, regardless of how impractical they might appear to someone else, are important and that is where and only where I want to place my energy at this time. On self, me, my work, my ideas, my dreams, my ability.

While from very young we are socialized, especially in the school system, to work within established governments, institutions and/or private businesses, the great majority of us forget that all of these structures were created by someone else. We too can create what we want. I have spent almost forty years in service to others, helping them to shape and grow their business, and trying to get them to include some small portion of my dream into their frame-work. I thought that was the logical route, and for many it might be, but it is no longer applicable to me. I want and deserve more. I am capable of so much more.

Well the flowers bowed down and the clouds applaud me today because I am sure. Today I am confident. Today I say yes to Opal. Yes to my dreams. Yes to my university. Yes to my books, yes to my plays, yes to Opal. I will honor and reward myself. I will carve out a place for who I am and what I want to create for myself and others to come forth, knowing that I am capable, knowing that the support I need is already at hand, knowing that it is all divine and I am finally ready to be my best yet self.

I remember distinctly coaching my children not to seek jobs as adults but to create their own work reality and make that work for them. I am so delighted because I think all three of them have someone been on this path.

I urge you to start living and investing all your time into making your dream happen.

Go on and take the step. Everything that exist now, and that will ever exist began with one person saying yes to their truth and reality, then building a team. If you know that you have many ideas, and you are always trying to get others to buy into them, you need to branch out, run with the wind…Yes you might get swept off course, your might get blown to the ground, but you also might be lifted off the ground and experience a vantage point you did not know existed. It is time to love your dream. It is time to soar. It is time to create something from a kernel that shelters a mountain.

I am taking off. Join me and become part of my team, until you find that your dream is bigger than mine and needs its own university. Ase.

Love, Life Lived

Happy Valentine Day


What is the origin of the word Love?

The word love goes back to the very roots of the English language. Old English lufu is related to Old Frisian luve, Old High German luba, Gothiclubo. There is a cognate lof in early forms of the Scandinavian languages. The Indo-European root is also behind Latin lubet meaning it is pleasing and lubido meaning desire. The word is recorded from the earliest English writings in the 8th century.

Noun -an intense feeling of deep affection.

Verb – feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone).

Today will not and cannot mean anything unless you have been a diligent student of love, and that the love you feel for your family and/or children and the love your feel for your lover/partner is practiced daily and seasoned with patience, understanding and acceptance. To want and welcome love into your life you have to be a devotee of love in the fullest and widest meaning of the word…It is the joyful sensation you feel when you first wake and the last thought that flashes through your mind just before you fall asleep; you see and experience it everywhere, in the flowers, in the sky; you feel it in the wind, and it is the water that wets your skin. Love is both tangible and intangible. It’s in the coconut water my man cuts for me daily, the wild flower he picks me, the way he interrupts me to share the progress of our okra plants, the touch, the glance, the way we integrate our lives and days into what feels like harmony. My love is big and wide without comparison and I am so so grateful to be alive at this time and be present to the love that surrounds me. I gift each of you the same

Do It Anyway

Even when you are unsure, do it anyway if your heart says yes.

Even if you are scared, take the step anyway if it leads to one of your goals.

Even if you know you will be denounced, say it anyway if it is a truth that must be told.

Even when an army is lined with guns aimed at you, take a firm stance for justice, for humanity, anyway, and all the time. Remember you are as powerful and mights as the Divine spirit that you are.

Alphabet of Abundance O-Q

Alphabet of Abundance for 2015 continues with O- be Original. Do not hide behind or attempt to emulate someone else’s style or way. Being original is natural until you are educated to believe and accept the status quo as normative. There are endless opportunities to be outstanding, to contribute to end oppressions, and to obtain information and knowledge that will put you in the game. But strive to be ahead of the game. There is a place and time for obedience, but never forget that even when enslaved, our ancestors understood fundamentally that they were their own owners. Never allow anyone to own you. You cannot create your great opus until you are free. Optimism is for the brave of heart, for those of us who understand we are here to make a difference, and we do each day we live our dream, and do one small thing to help another and make the world better.

Alphabet of Abundance for 2015 continues with P -Peace is not and should be a goal, but rather a way of life, a scared practice that you demonstrate daily with everyone, including animals and insects. But it must first begin with you, how you treat your self, your inner self-talk, your thoughts about the world, your behavior toward the person who cuts you off in traffic, or brushed against you without saying sorry, they too are apart of how you live and practice peace daily. Your continuous perspective is how you arrive at Amity. We can prevent most calamity from occurring by being politely vigilant, being positive, accepting that prosperity with its many faces and fragrances are all a prelude to a perfectly practical life to which we must actively participate, puzzling through an array of small details, rising above the mundane until precious light wraps us.

Alphabet of Abundance for 2015 continues with Q- To be quixotic, many will say it to be unrealistic because some how we are expect to accept the naysayer who says that idealism is naïve and unrealistic. But why I want to know is it unrealistic to think we all deserve to be happy, to live comfortable lives, and to pursue our goals. The naysayer often quotes history, using phrases such as “it has always been” but that such a blatant non-truth as history or rather ourstories are continuous and is in the making as we speak. I recommend not quibbling with those who preach doom; rather seek quietude and know that your soul thrives in bliss. There are many who are querulous, but quickly step away from them and in your quaintness. You are equipped and qualified to make a qualitative difference wherever you are and with whomever you encounter. Always remember it is quality of heart and mind that matters, quantity is only a number.

The Sea This Morning

This morning on my walk the sea was on her white horse, galloping at such speed froth spewed from her mouth, her white ruffled shirt bellowed and tossed about in gigantic folds of energy. Sea was a woman sure and unafraid and her scent, alluring, flair the nostrils with its alluring vaginal froth. She chased my feet way up shore and had me running to escape her surging invitation to join her in wild abandonment, to fall into her arms, and her carried by her with horses, surrender to the buoyancy, to be tossed and rolled, my nose full of her. But caution made me observe her keenly and knew she was not in the mood for company; she was raging, delightful in her aloneness, ferocious in her freedom. And I thought to myself, one day, one day I will ride these white waves with such confidence, white skirt billowing, wild, unpredictable to control, galloping on my white horse, the sea my field.IMG_2761